What is NuSential AD?

NuSentialAD - Age Defying Serum is the result of 3 years of research, testing and multiple formulation trials.  Over the years, many botanicals, enzymes, peptides and antioxidants have become available to research, and today’s skin care products truly reflect those ingredients. Ingredients that provide exactly what our skin so desperately needs. Environmental affects on the skin have caused the visible signs of aging to appear at much younger age. Brown Spots (hyper pigmentation), rough texture, wrinkles, fine lines, lack-luster dull skin and in general, loss of that youthful glow. Past ingredients and formulations that soften and moisturize skin can no longer keep up with the demand of our skin to meet the early signs of damage. This is exactly what NuSentialAD is! A new formulation with immediate and cumulative benefits!

How is NuSentialAD Unique?
This formula is designed to not dry out your skin and has an organic compound that shows immediate firming, tightening and a long lasting wrinkle reducing effect. The ingredients also increase the skin’s moisture level while conditioning the skin, making the texture of skin extremely smooth!

We use ingredients that provide long lasting affects like Nerium Oleander Extract, European Beech Tree extract, Hydrolyzed Elastin, Collegen, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Muccopolysaccharides that work within the skin to maintain moisture levels and encourage gentle exfoliation. Antioxidants, Niacin (VitaminB) and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) continue improving the skin’s luminosity and radiance. NuSentialAD contains a stable form of vitamin C essential to break apart discoloration on the skin and aids in the formation of collagen.  Most serums do not contain soothing ingredients like Allantoin and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice to soothe and calm skin, making NuSentialAD  a Serum for Women and Men of all skin types; even those with Sensitive skin characteristics. You’ll have glowing, radiant, smooth skin thanks to one of the ingredients in NuSentialAD, Fagus Syvatica Bud Extract, referred to as the “Everlasting Youth Tree”!  Everyone who has been using NuSentialAD says they will never be without it! 

Immediate and long lasting, NuSentialAD enhances the speed at which the skin begins to repair, firm and increase in radiance, leading the way in Age Defying Serums.

Application: Use 2-3 dots of NuSentialAD - Age Defying Serum twice a day after washing your face. Apply from your collar bone in an upward motion to your hairline. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


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NuSential AD contains amazing botanical ingredients to eliminate wrinkles without drying out your skin.

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